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I write this post knowing that I will seem hypocritical. I am going to tell you that it is crucial to keep your profile up-to-date, the irony comes into play when you look at the break between this post and my last Facebook Etiquette post. My bad blog etiquette aside, it is important to remain consistent with your Facebook presence.

I realize that not everyone visits Facebook multiple times per day, but it is important to respond to ‘wall posts, ‘messages’, and ‘invites’  in a timely fashion. If you do not respond to a ‘wall post’ with a ‘comment’ or a return ‘wall post’, it is considered rude. Often times messages do not require a response but when a message does, it is important to respond quickly. Responding to ‘event invites’ is always appreciated by the event organizers.

Updating your ‘status’ on a consistent basis is a great way of keeping your friends up-to-date on your life happenings. Today on Facebook, it is more common for one to ‘comment’ on a ‘status update’ rather than create an original ‘wall post’.

Checking Facebook often will also help you to keep up on who has a birthday coming up.

This link will take you to the “Top Ten Facebook Etiquette Rules”. The rules listed in this article pertain to relationships, past relationships and friending.

My take on Facebook ‘Relationship Status’ is that I would never put a relationship on Facebook, unless I was pretty confident in it. My reason for this is, removing your status can be pretty dramatic and it’s drama that I don’t need to deal with.

Being malicious in life or on Facebook isn’t really my style either, so pay attention to the difference between a ‘wall post’ and a ‘message’. Take into consideration who has access to the things you put on Facebook.

Has Facebook communication changed for the worse? This blogger has a few thoughts.

I agree with a couple of these statements. It is pretty strange that one cannot view their most recent ‘status update’ on the ‘home’ page,  I had never realized that. I do feel that more, and different, people comment on my ‘status updates’. Since the most recent changes people still made old fashioned, more personal, posts on my ‘wall’ and I miss that.

A couple of the issues this blogger was having have been remedied. There are a lot of filtering options for the ‘newsfeed’, which I appreciate. The column on the right side has more consistent updates that contain an entertaining variety of highlights.

Many people are nervous about having photos on Facebook. Threats loom over the heads of professionals who worry that someone of importance will see an unfavorable photo of them. There are a few ways to remedy this problem.

1. The ‘Limited Profile’ option allows you to add ‘friends’ to your ‘limited profile’ list. Each Facebook user can create their own ‘limited profile’ and can opt not to have photos visible.

2. By going to: a. ‘Settings’ b. ‘Privacy’ – ‘manage’ c. Scroll down to ‘Photos Tagged of You’ – You can choose who views the photos other tag of you among the following options: ‘Everyone’, ‘My Networks and Friends’, ‘Friends of Friends’, ‘Only Friends’ and ‘Custom’. I have chosen the ‘Custom’ option and selected ‘Only Me’.

3. By going to: a. ‘Photos’ b. ‘Album Privacy’ c. Next to each album uploaded you have the same options as 2. c. When I upload an album I am selective about which photos I upload and then choose the ‘Only Friends’ option.

Having photos makes your Facebook page more lively. Being selective about who sees your photos is smart.

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