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Did you know you can choose who sees your Facebook updates? Sounds appealing to me. You can now divide your Facebook friends into lists and choose who can see each of your posts. Find out how you can keep your updates private by reading this Mashable article. You’re welcome.


Growing up, we are taught not to take candy or rides from strangers. So, I ask this question: Why are people Facebook ‘friends’ with strangers?

Do not feel obligated to accept people’s friendship.  If you question how you might know somebody it is acceptable to inquire via Facebook message and to ask your ‘Friends in Common’. Also, I assume this goes without saying but, do not ‘friend-request’ people who you don’t know. If you don’t know somebody and you request them, you are a Facebook Creep.

If you notice that you are friends with somebody who you don’t know, do not feel guilty unfriending them.

Celtic Inc., a communications company in Brookfield Wisconsin, blogged today about the New Oxford American Dictionary’s 2009 “word of the year” and it’s a social media term: Unfriend. ‘Unfriend’ is defined as a verb which means “to remove somebody as a ‘friend’ from a social networking site like Facebook.

I’m not sure what our society is coming to that the concept of ‘unfriending’ is the word of the year. Here’s my word to the wise: if there’s a chance the person you unfriend will find out that you unfriended them, you might want to just add them to your ‘limited profile’ list or remove their ‘updates’ from your ‘news feed’.

Has Facebook communication changed for the worse? This blogger has a few thoughts.

I agree with a couple of these statements. It is pretty strange that one cannot view their most recent ‘status update’ on the ‘home’ page,  I had never realized that. I do feel that more, and different, people comment on my ‘status updates’. Since the most recent changes people still made old fashioned, more personal, posts on my ‘wall’ and I miss that.

A couple of the issues this blogger was having have been remedied. There are a lot of filtering options for the ‘newsfeed’, which I appreciate. The column on the right side has more consistent updates that contain an entertaining variety of highlights.

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